// ok so this isn’t really a high school au, more like an university au, but like

Xerxes Break is an idiotic teacher with a bad reputation, but he’s actually good at doing his job. he’s popular with the girls (everyone finds it weird). 

Reim is a model student, very serious about what he does. He’s an important person among the students but no one recognizes him in the hallways because they say he has no presence. He has somehow become Break’s secretary of some sort

Sharon is a first year, as well as Reim’s best friend (she’s three years younger than him), she studies literature (she loves romance novels)

sesshbaby-deactivated20140910 asks: Hey Liam! What do you think of Break constantly trying to push his paper work on you?

Reim: “I gave up long ago.”

okay so since I have like 176 (176!!!! ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY SIX!!!) questions in my inbox and most of them are simple questions I would answer in only one panel, I decided that I’m gonna do just that. I’m gonna answer the simple question with simple and not-completely-serious drawings. 


(( it’s funny because I based this on an actual special comic, you can find it here )) 

(( there I made them kiss r u happy ))

Q: “Mister Reim, do you enjoy your time with your best friends?”

A: “…………at least the cake was strawberry flavoured.”

(( this is a serious blog ))

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